Saturday, May 14, 2011

escaping into other worlds

I enjoyed books and music from an early age. I started learning the piano when I was four years old and when I feel life is really getting on top of me, I often find myself tinkling the old ivories. There's nothing like playing a three-part invention by Bach when I'm feeling angry, or some Gershwin when I'm going for a more lyrical feel. I sometimes play piano duets with a good friend and it's lovely to share the laughter and fun with her as we run through some old favourites. Both my children are also learning how to play and appreciate music and I hope that in times of need, they will also find music to be a source of relaxation, just as I do.

When I'm not playing the piano I love to tuck into a good book. My daughter has already shown us her love for books, but my son is still a bit young to read on his own. I do hope he likes books as much as the girl in RubyT's picture; what a wonderful engrossed expression.

kirstin of fleeting moments

engrossed by Ruby T


Shelbi Lynn said...

what beautiful son is a natural on the guitar...classical and spanish, and it came out of nowhere. he is self taught and has a safe place to go (his music) when he needs to find his happy place. great post! xo

urban muser said...

wonderful post kirstin! i haven't played the piano in many years, but always dream of picking it up again.

Anna said...

Great photos! Music and books were a huge part of our household while raising our daughter - piano lessons, band, marching band & color guard. And always books! These loves do last a lifetime.

Bel said...

Now these are photos that capture two beautiful moments. Lovely!

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