Sunday, May 22, 2011

the beauty of shapes


It's no secret that I love old things. I've a soft spot for everyday items handcrafted generations ago, that have been cherished and cared for, and handed on. Often crafted with an eye for beauty, using what few materials that were found on hand. These utilitarian items brought a bright spot of art to an otherwise dreary existence. I have a collection of vintage quilts, all of them beautiful in different ways. They may be crafted with simple materials, but they provided an opportunity for women to express their artistic and creative self, at a time when those opportunities were nearly nonexistent. Using geometric shapes, color and repeating patterns they created masterpieces. A truly beautiful quilt is not an accident. Once the fabric was saved, the pattern carefully determined and planned, the pieces were cut, and then the work began. Most often by hand. Tiny stitches, endless tiny perfectly spaced stitches. What an amazing labor of love. To create a thing of such beauty to wrap a loved one in warmth and love.

Geometric shapes are the basis of so much of what we find beautiful. It's often the way we bring our creativity to our everyday environments. In bunte-knete's photo I love the way someone thought to use shapes and pattern and color and light to bring beauty to the everyday for those who pass by.

I'll see you next time, with a *gulp* self portrait. I really love seeing all of you in the flickr group, so much inspiration.

xo maureen of Cottage 960

5/52 Infinity and Beyond #3
Infinity and Beyond #3 by bunte-knete


Angela said...

I love shapes and old things too. Luckily they are everywhere! Lovely post-thanks for sharing.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Lovely post and great pairing. Vintage quilts always "speak" to me. xo

Anna said...

Great post and I, too, love quilts -old and new. When one reads about the history of quilt making, it really is amazing what women were able to do with fabric scraps and thread, often in the evenings when lighting was poor and they had already put in an exhausting day of labor!

urban muser said...

love the vintage feel to your photo mo. great pairing.

Kirstin said...

Maureen, this is such a serene and thoughtful post.

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