Sunday, May 1, 2011

beautiful flare

Golden mornings {day 202}

In Germany getting flare is not very easy. Many, many times I've tried, bent over and did everything imaginable to get it to work. It took me a long time to realize I might not have looked for the right spot to get the flare. After I found it, I thought "Ah, this is what people talk about when they mean flare!"
Trying things out for myself especially in the creative business is very important to me. I have to try until I get it and if you hand me books, I won't read them. That's how I roll.
Nevertheless practice pays a rewarding result in the end.

I love the picture by soupatraveler because it pictures Germany in all it's cliches and for me this is and will be my home.

See you in 9 days,
Suki of sukiphotographyblog

German Flare
German Flare by soupatraveler


LaLa said...

oh Suki! thanks. I appreciate hearing this so much!

I feel so alone, teaching myself photography, error by error in a town (Seattle) where it seems like everywhere I go there are already 30 professional, lauded, degree'd photographers already there.

I'm not trying to say that I'm doing it better or purer. Just because I don't read instructional manuals (can't understand em) or I didn't take a class doesn't make me better than anyone else no matter how fancy their equipment. I'm just saying this is the only way I know how to make the picture on my camera look more every day like the picture in my dreams.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm trying to find that right spot myself. Perhaps I need to adjust my aperture. I will keep practicing. That last shot brought back so many memories from the 3 years I lived it Germany. Miss it.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

Oh Suki, Thank you so much!!!! I took as many flare shots as I could when I was visiting Germany. There are so many beautiful spots in my sister's little town, it was hard not to! One thing I've found shooting flare, it helps when you put the sun on the very edge of the lens. Took me a while to figure that one out too. And you will be able to see it in your viewfinder. Then move around a little and watch how the spots move too. Thanks again for the feature!!!! Germany is such a beautiful country! And those flower markets, sigh, i've never seen such incredible arrangements!

Jonathan said...

Germany sure does sound amazing. I think that it is because of all of the culture that surrounds the place. It is really a beacon of European power. I would love to visit some day, my dad has gone there before, and he loves it. He said that the Castles there are breathtaking.

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