Saturday, April 23, 2011

spring break

canyon walk

Spring conjures the warm, slower-paced days of approaching summer. Work and school still immerse us, but long weekends and spring breaks give us a breather and remind us of lovely things to come.

My family took a little roadtrip to the canyonlands of Utah for my daughter's spring break. When we finally allowed ourselves to just absorb the moment rather than dashing from one place to another, our mini-vacation took on a completely different vibe. We found a magical spot on a late afternoon hike, right where I took this photograph, and I sat and let my mind empty while my daughter made art with sand and stones and sticks, both of us content to dream and soak in our surroundings and the warmth of the sun.

And it never hurts to break out hot pink hiking accessories, as Kelly also demonstrates below.  A true sign of spring, shrugging off the dark colours and weightier fashions of winter.  I feel a shopping spree for some new chucks and sassy knee socks coming on.

mosey of mosey along

Fun socks and shoes
Fun socks and shoes by Kelly Russo Photography


Kirstin said...

These are such lovely colourful pictures, that really conjure up that Spring vibe!

urban muser said...

a beautifully written post. can i come on the shopping spree?

Ashley Sisk said...

For real - I want a shopping spree!

K said...

Thank you so much for choosing my photograph! I couldn't resist her colors.

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