Thursday, April 21, 2011

sensory delight

This year, the signs of spring were not visual for me. I wasn't inspired by the buds coming out, or the shoots poking up through last year's leaves. It all seemed a bit awkward, and I was ready to fast forward to summer. It wasn't until I found myself rolling down the window a couple of weeks ago on my commute home, that I started to relish spring. I noticed the feel of a gentle breeze on my sun-warmed skin, and an unusual sound coming through the window. What was it? No, it was not birds singing, not traffic, but rustling leaves. I had forgotten the sound, it had been so long. I laughed out loud. That was, for me, the first true sign of spring.

This image by and.the.desert.sang seemed to capture, visually, a whole sensory experience of spring. Pausing for a moment in a busy day, to relish the feel of the sun on her skin, under the blossoming trees. I can feel spring through her photo, can't you?

Kat of The Kat Eye View of the World

Ode to Rachel
Ode to Rachel by and.the.desert.sang


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Beautiful shots. You can feel very dream like to me.

Sherry Smyth said...

In a slow to start spring where nothing seems to be taking hold, those sensory feelings are so much more important than what is visual. I could "feel" what you were describing and this photograph most definitely depicts what can be felt!

Anna said...

Creative photos - both! Spring for me is open water on the lake (finally) and the first loon call!

Kirstin said...

Oh that sound of the leaves...I am totally with you Kat. This is a wonderful pairing.

urban muser said...

awesome post kat!! i can feel it, and see it, and smell it...

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