Sunday, April 17, 2011

for the love of cupcakes

Oh, how I found this week's theme difficult. My brain does not seem to see patterns or repetitions in the world. I went on walks around the city, around the country, in the garden, at home. I looked at books, I looked on the internet, I looked and looked for patterns. And then while baking with the children, I realised that we had a legion of cupcakes. And all was well again.

Clearly, blue elephant photography has the same feelings about cupcakes as I do. I just love the way the decorations echo the background with those pastel colours really making me want to taste that cupcake.

kirstin of fleeting moments

sweet as cupcake
sweet as cupcake by blue elephant photography


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful! I want one (or three) right now!

blue elephant photography said...

oooh i love the difference in color/flavor! thank you for the feature =)

Lisa said...

Hi, new follower just stopping by to say hi and say I think I need a chocolate cupcake! Great shot of the color cupcake. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa @ HR Creative Design Studio

jennifée said...

Being on a cupcake spree myself these days, I totally love both of these images <3 Thank you for sharing these!!

alicia said...

Just what I need right about now. lol. We just got a new cupcake shop. I may need to make a run now.

Steph said...

Yea, I want to taste both of these cupcakes...! Recipes?? :)

urban muser said...

i want to eat both of these photos :)

jordan said...

love the contrast between the cakes! yum:)

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