Monday, March 14, 2011

and the next theme is... DOORS AND WINDOWS

Doors AND Windows?

You guessed it, our next theme is DOORS AND WINDOWS.

Intrigued by the story that broken glass or peeling paint tell?

Broken and Blue
broken and blue by kat eye view

Or does catching some morning light or a blanket of snow inspire you to dream?

finding the light green door in winter
finding the light by à la mosey ......  green door in winter by lucy.loomis

Does a perfectly composed arrangement of window, roofline and sky bring you joy?

two moons
two moons by lucy.loomis

looking out
looking out by blue elephant photography

Or is your imagination captured by the anticipation of what's on the other side?

1/28 Major Focus
Major Focus by soupatraveler

Please fill up the Mortal Muses flickr pool with your images of DOORS AND WINDOWS,
and we'll see you in nine days!
(Join Tammy tomorrow as she starts us musing on images from our CAMERA PHONES.)



gina said...

What a great theme -- especially for me, because I take door pictures all the time. I'm fascinated by doors, especially old ones. Looking forward to seeing everyone's images!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I loved the old and worn doors and windows. I wish I had room to bring them all home.

All of the shots are wonderful. I do love the one of the doggie nose :)

lucy said...

yay! two of my very favorite things... as if you didn't know! :)

blue elephant photography said...

i'm always intrigue by doors or windows. love the shots! thanks =) will surely spread the word!

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

ahhhh, look at Maj's nose!!!! He's such a sweetie to be up there with all those other awesome shots! thanks for the surprise kim!

Megan Belcher said...

"Major Focus" is AMAZING!!!

Jamie said...

I can't wait!!!

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