Friday, November 12, 2010

bokeh storytelling

If you've ever watched a Hitchcock film, you know he was the master of suspense.  He was also a master of engaging the audience in an almost physical sense.  In a film lecture years ago, I remember watching a scene of the protagonist in a film (can't remember which one - feel free to shout out!) walking down a hallway and around a corner where the camera couldn't see him.  It prompted an almost universal head tilt from the audience as we all craned our necks to see just what was happening around that corner.  So clever.  Sometimes it's not what is front and center in frame, but the background which intrigues us or heightens our interest or in fact moves the story forward. 

So it is with bokeh for me.  I squint my eyes when looking at photos where something is placed in the background which I can't quite make out.

My story here is a simple one - my image highlighting autumn's intense colours, and loudpicture's photo showing the aftermath.  I chose to pair mine with his because of the textural feel of both photos, the story clear to see whether you're looking with wide open eyes or head-tilted to the side, squinting.


herbst by loudpictures


April said...

beautiful! And I have never thought of squinting what a great idea :)

Christy said...

So cool! And I love that feeling in the theater - I don't know the movie you're talking about but I know the feeling. :)

superdewa said...

This is a wonderful description of bokeh. I was trying to describe bokeh people to someone, and what you say here is perfect.

I do love Hitchcock, but the film is eluding me.

loudpictures said...

thank you for choosing my picture - I like your bokeh-desciption.
All the best

Karen said...

Great description and wonderful shots too.

michel said...

I love this story mosey! I love your words so much!! with these photos you've told a great story. nice post love!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Perfect description of Bokeh. Nice photos ladies!

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