Thursday, November 11, 2010


I really love to frame a person with soft and silky bokeh. It makes the picture even more interesting when you are wondering what was going on in the background.
This picture was taken this summer on a sunny day at a wedding of one of my friends.

Bokeh and an exact point of focus in a picture can make a huge difference.
I like bokeh more than not like it and sometimes this causes a few problems, when bokeh is somewhere it shouldn't be. ;)
But in the end bokeh makes my heart jump. I live for soft backgrounds in pictures...

My picture today by kellysoji was chosen because I love how this boy's eyes pop. And the colours are oh-so-beautiful.

Suki of Suki Photography blog

Griffin by kellysoji


blue elephant photography said...

i ♥ bokeh too :) love both photos, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside lol

Kirstin Mckee said...

Portraits AND bokeh are just the best!

Jamie said...

Bokeh seems to give photos that extra something.

mamatronic said...

The soft, fuzziness of it makes the image more like a memory than a photo.

Oliag said...

I agree that bokeh + portraits are a perfect match:) Love that little pirate:)

April said...

both pictures are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That handsome pirate is my littlest boy..we love the whole photo shoot. This picture is just one of many outstanding shots! Great work kellysoji!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Sweet photos, Suki!

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