Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the joy of food

Even before I got into the whole photography thing, I enjoyed taking photos of food. I have a whole album of pictures taken when we moved into our first home as newlyweds, and I was desperately, madly keen on cooking. I still am, trying out new recipes every week, buying strange ingredients, talking about favourite meals with friends, but the food I cook for my family has changed as our family has grown.

The pictures I used to take were of amazing menus, fabulous towers of food; we were the proud parents of cooked lobsters, feasts prepared for family and friends. Although I take pictures for my food blog with my best friend, my passion is to cook for my family, enjoying something I have prepared with love, for them. Miles celebrated his fifth birthday this week and I managed to catch the moment when he stole a cake and then ate all the icing before gobbling up the cake. (As you can see, he had a Harry Potter party.)

I chose Helen. Ailsa's picture because it is a celebration of the joy of food — the moment before everyone tucks in and starts to share the food and happiness.

kirstin of cookbook a month

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving meal by Helen.Ailsa


maureen said...

Oh my gosh, those photos of Miles from his party are so stinkin' cute.
I love the Thanksgiving photo, loved it when I saw it in the pool. I love the celebrations and gathering together of people around food as much as the food itself.
♥ mo

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Great shots. Happy B-Day Miles! That Thanksgiving photo is awesome. I want to just grab a plate and eat!

Oliag said...

Two different celebrations with food...that is what food is all about in my book too. Love that Harry Potter shot! wonderful perspective...and I love the crop of the Thanksgiving meal...I am always inspired here at MM...

michel said...

I love these pics of Harry I mean Miles. yay for yummy cupcakes and birthday boys! love that pic of Helen's too! the sharp focus on the food with the motion of the family gathering around. awesome.

mosey said...

I'd like a little bit of everything please!

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