Wednesday, October 20, 2010

celebrating food

I love food of all kinds, but especially sweet treats.  Yesterday was my baby's 3rd birthday and what a fun way to celebrate with his very own fire truck cake!  Yes, I made the cake so it is certainly not perfect, but he loved his fire truck so it was worth it.  You can see a better view of his cake on my blog here :)  Oh and speaking of blogs have you ever seen cake wrecks blog?  It is hilarious, go check it out!

I love Simutis Nancy's picture with birthday girl's focused expression, blown out candles, the little bokeh friend and beautiful cake (that certainly would not be on cake wrecks!) Happy Birthday to this sweet girl!

Go celebrate and have something sweet, I am sure it is someone's birthday somewhere!

April of april's 365

happy birthday, peanut!
happy birthday, peanut! by Simutis [nancy]


blue elephant photography said...

i love both photos, the cakes are so delicious and the blowing is even better =) makes me happy!

urban muser said...

ooh, cake! and i want to pinch those cheeks! so cute.

Jamie said...

Kids and birthday cakes - a perfect combination. Adorable photos.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Such wonderful memories. If you insist... I will have to have some cake today. :)

Oliag said...

I love the juxtaposition of the two birthday cake photos...and two adorable children! Both caught at the right moment which I know is not easy!

cookievf said...

Perfect captures! there's nothing more luminous than children's faces... double that when reflecting birthday candles!
- vicki

michel said...

YAY cake! I am TOTALLY going to have some cake today!!!! happy birthday kiddos

cindy said...

these are just fantastic ... love those cheeks!

maureen said...

oh, April, what a beautiful capture. such sweet faces both of them.
I love how the fire truck cake turned out!
such sweet memories!

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