Sunday, September 26, 2010

time for self

Just me and my cup of tea,
the pen and the blank page.
Time in solitude,
to seek my soul.
Words flow freely,
images reveal their meanings.
Rain or shine, morning comes.
I rise to greet myself.
Along the way,
I find myself
in the new day.

I love mornings. Before the rest of the house wakens, it is my time. I was drawn to this image by Grimble2010, which speaks of a morning ritual of self and soul care, along the lines of my own. It makes me want to add Tai Chi to my morning ritual, but only if I have such an amazing view to look at!

Thank you all for so many beautiful images and points of view on morning in the Flickr pool!

Kat of kateyeview

Morning Tai Chi
Morning Tai Chi by Grimble2010


blue elephant photography said...

reminds me of hong kong and china in the early mornings. i watch chinese do their tai chi infront of victoria harbour, it's so cool!

justine said...

lovely shot, I really liked this in the flickr pool.

Kirstin Mckee said...

These are such peaceful morning moments. Lovely!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Such relaxing shots. Even in the busy city you can find peace. Were you having chai tea to go along with the Tai Chi? ;)

*megula* said...

Beautiful shots!

Expressions By Christine said...

Sunny and cheery meets relaxing and energizing...a great way to start the day! :o)

Jamie said...

These both remind me I need to reserve some time to spend in the flickr pool

michel said...

I love how the top photo could be chai tea and the bottom is tai chi.

great pair Kat, The next morning I sit with my journal and morning coffee - stillness in my mind - I will think of you.

maureen said...

I love the composition and DoF of your photo, and so colorful. I noticed Grimble2010's photo in the flickr pool and loved it, it works so well in B&W.
♥ maureen

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