Monday, September 27, 2010


Mornings in my neck of the woods are lately cold and windy.  Mornings at my place are usually lazy.
I love to take my time in the morning to prepare for the day. It does not include speaking much, which people in real life do not get easily used to, since I talk quite a lot during the day.
Mornings can be spend cuddling on the sofa with the dogs or on a little walk with them.
The beginning of the day also means quiet and peace for me. I like to get up early to witness a sunrise.
Mornings always mean something special to me.

The featured picture you see below by *Crumpy*  just expresses so much newness and contemplation to me. Seeing this in the morning makes me smile very big.

In letzter Zeit ist der Tagesbeginn hier sehr kalt und windig. Hier wird ein Morgen gern gemuetlich verbracht.
Ich liebe es mir morgens Zeit zu lassen, mich auf den Tag vorzubereiten. Es bedeutet auch, dass ich nicht viel rede, daran muessen sich die Menschen in meinem wirklichen Leben manchmal erst gewoehnen, weil ich tagsueber eigentlich recht viel rede.
Morgens ist meistens die Zeit die ich mit meinen Hunden verbringe. Zusammen auf dem Sofa kuscheln oder einen Spaziergang zusammen.
Der Tagesanfang bedeutet auch Ruhe und Frieden fuer mich. Ich mag es frueh aufzustehen, um einen Sonnenaufgang mitzubekommen.
Ein Morgen bedeutet immer etwas besonderes fuer mich.

Mein gewaehltes Bild von *Crumpy* aeussert so viel Neues und nachdenkliches fuer mich.
Dieses Bild an einem Morgen zu sehen, laesst mich laecheln.

See you in 9 days, my dearest readers!


Suki of suki photography

Dew drops falling on my web
Dew drops falling on my web by Debra Crump


blue elephant photography said...

wow both photos are so pretty! one with bokeh and one with booky-like - morning dew. love the post. i'm not sure if i could be defined as a morning person lol

Kirstin Mckee said...

Suki, mornings are a special time and you have chosen such special pictures to accompany your beautiful words!

Cara said...

I am with you, I love the morning. Right before sunrise (so I can witness it) and before anyone else is up (so I can enjoy the quiet). I love the photos. The web with the dew is beautiful and reminds me of the time I went out in my Pj's and got ankle deep in mud to get a similar shot...early in the morning!

chasity said...

beautiful photos and reflections of mornings...
i too am slow to get going in the mornings~
a calm quiet time to get ready for what the day holds.

Jen said...

Sweet shots. I would love to see more sunrises but I find it difficult to let go of my pillow at that hour. :)

urban muser said...

gorgeous photos. that spider web is amazing!

Angie said...

The spiderweb is mind blowing. Simply incredible!

Kathy said...

I have always wanted to capture a spiderweb like that, but have yet to see one. So perfect.

Jamie said...

Incredible photos!

maureen said...

Oh Suki, i love your beautiful bokeh shot. I love the way you always find the light.
and that spider web? A-MA-ZING just beautiful.
I need to get up early to witness a sunrise more often!
♥ maureen

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