Sunday, September 5, 2010

antique stories

Antique Tractor

I love looking at antiques, wondering what memories the treasure might hold.  Each and everyone has its own story whether known or not.  This is a tractor that has been in my family for sometime, it works hard lugging the boat to and from the beach.  It evokes joyful memories from when I was smaller, and I get to continue making memories as long as this hunk keeps working :)

I love this image of an antique toy car, oh what the stories it must hold of boys and girls racing it around with chubby toddler hands.  Thank you for sharing all your treasures and their stories!

I can't wait to reflect with you next week :)

April :)

Uploaded by Beth Crocker on 5 Aug 10, 4.38PM PDT.


blue elephant photography said...

that's a cool tractor and i love the beach scene. love that both photos are the same colors too=)

Kirstin Mckee said...

Oh wow April! Such a wonderful pairing! Even the colours are the same!

Jamie said...

What a perfect pair of photos - gorgeous

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

We had an old tractor like that on the farm too. I used to love riding on it as a kid.

lucy said...

i almost ran over my grandmother trying to drive a tractor like that when i was about 10. i think i only grazed the clothesline, thank goodness.

in a world where we're inundated with new-bright-shiny-stuff every day, it's great to see our passion for the old and well-worn. nice photos, april and beth!

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful

chasity said...

fantastic photos!!

michel said...

April your photo is spot on! it is sincerely amazing. the light on the tractor is perfect and the person on the beach (that's a person right?) is awesome. well done. Beth's photo has amazing dof the pair of them are great! nice job.

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks for selecting my image!

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