Thursday, August 19, 2010

this is my house

Oh boy! you guys are rocking the flickr group! You are making it so hard to pick! Great job and thank you so much for being so awesome. really. 

In my house this summer chores and reno's are a plenty. Some say work, I say photo op!

This week along with the Around the House theme I have been keeping perspective in mind - POV what ever you want to call it. Positioning yourself on the same plain of the subject can give you some really interesting results. Especially when shooting kids. Get down on your belly if you have to, if you're able and try a shot from a different angle. Place your camera right on the ground and shoot blind even. If this is something "outside your photographic box", you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Uploaded by naomiella on 16 Jul 10, 3.20PM MDT.

naomiella is capturing the most precious moments in this shot. I just love this portrait - and those paints?! Adorable. I still have a water colour set just like them. Great job getting on your subject's level.

wow. two themes down! I can't believe it. next up; 
Black and White (Again are you kidding me with all your amazing photos in the flickr group?!?). Take it away Tammy!

See you in a few!


blue elephant photography said...

love both photos especially their pov and composition and colors too ♥

Kirstin Mckee said...

Oh my! These are both gorgeous!

gibknitty said...

beautiful photos with wonderful, vivid colors!

Terry's Girl said...

Faaaaannntastic! I for one will be down on my belly this weekend sneaking up on my family like a snake. Thanks for the pointers.
I can't believe those little hands have no paint on them! True concentration.

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

I love the PoV on the first shot. I try to always think that way, but I never would have thought to shoot a weed trimmer from that PoV. And what a perfect shot of those sweet baby hands.
♥ maureen

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photos and what a great reminder about trying new angles.

Naomi said...

OH wow--just discovered you chose my photo! Thanks so much--I'm flattered! I have been feeling the need to document my son's little hands, feet etc.. a lot these days for I know they won't stay like that forever! : ) Love the point of view and the color on your shot too Michel!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Both images are wonderful I love getting on the ground and shooting. A whole new view to be had.

April said...

love the perspective in both photos!

Suki said...

beautiful pair. Love the warer colours.

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