Saturday, August 14, 2010

kirstin - what's in your bag?


I use an Olympus e-p1
pancake lens 20 mm 1.7
kit lens of 14-42mm

I also use hipstamatic on my iPhone.

For post-processing, I am just discovering the wonders of Lightroom and am being taught how to use Photoshop Elements by my very patient husband. Camera Bag is also a wonderfully easy way to start playing around with images.

That said, I find myself looking at Nikon cameras online on a daily basis and it's my birthday soon.....


Karen said...

I love my Nikon. I'm currently using a gently used Nikon D40 found on ebay. The 18-55 lens it came with is a joy. I'm also teaching myself Photoshop elements6 and I think I need to take a class as it is going so painfully slow.

aclamp said...

great shot! i use a pentax mz-7. i will never go back to digital! i rarely use any photoshopping but am learning a little about PSE3.

blue elephant photography said...

your photo is so cool! and happy birthday soon =)

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