Saturday, August 14, 2010

beautifully mundane

the remains of breakfast

There are some weeks, you know the ones, where every minute of the day is full.  Full of the mundane:
work, laundry
picking slugs off the lettuce in the garden, 
groceries, cooking
hollering at someone to get her teeth brushed, 
cleaning guinea pig poop off the floor where it has been flung, 
trying to squeeze in time for a thoughtful photo before the light is gone, 
writing a few words that make any sort of sense, 
fall into bed unconscious almost before hitting the pillow.  

The lists may differ (guinea pig poop isn't a common factor in every person's week), but the perplexed look back at Monday to Friday might instill in you a feeling of what-just-happened-here? like this past week did to me.  So I narrow the focus, take a breath, and find beauty in almost completed breakfast.

Barefoot Momma's lovely textured photo gave me that same sense of what it feels to take a moment to oneself, breathe, sip tea (or coffee!) and soak in the words of a well-thumbed book.

Ahhhhhhhhh.  Happy weekend, everyone.  I wish for you all a moment (or two) for what you most desire.


A morning read {55/365}
Uploaded by barefoot momma photography, captured 2 Aug 10.


blue elephant photography said...


Jillsy said...

i love barefoot mama's sucks me in!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I love both of the photos! Who doesn't love strawberry bokeh. :) Brooke, your photo is enchanting. I just want to step into the photo on this Saturday morning and read. *sigh*

Kaelin said...

love this post - so true & pictures are beautiful

RainCityGirl said...

Really nice. I get such a sense of home. Love!

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

So true, how our days can fill up with the everyday. Lovely photos, both. I agree with Tammy, strawberry bokeh, yum. Brook's photo was an instant fav for me when I first saw it. Love the photo and the processing. Brook has a series of photos of that book on her blog all great shots.

michel said...

well said, the images are perfect. I love the simplicity in each and how they can tell such a story in one frame.

I'm almost glad to hear you had a busy week as well - i felt like the only one this week. that it was flying past at warp speed but everyone else was standing still. *sigh* happy saturday Kim. I hope today is a poopless day for you.

Heather said...

Lovely post and pictures! Boy am I feeling the mundane right now!

Jennifer said...

Goodness, they're both such exquisite examples of how beautiful simple things in life can be.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I am a big believer in the beautifully mundane and your image describes it perfectly.

Scottish Lass said...

Oooh - you are so talented. I have talent envy.

Brooke said...

I was just hopping on over the muses to check out the lovely photos and what do you know you used mine! Lovely surprise! Thank you! I to love the beautifully mundane!

aclamp said...

what a great post! i can totally relate!

Annje said...

Beautiful post and photos. I love the texture in Barefoot Mamma's

Christy said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely thoughts! I so relate too.

Suki said...

Beautiful picture. Lovely thoughts too. And I think my week is as busy as yours.

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