Monday, August 16, 2010

everyday beauty - the beginning

Uploaded by Adventures of Miss ViVi Gold on 15 Aug 10, 7.55PM EDT.

While the Mortal Muses Photo Challenge group, and essays, celebrate the friendship of the Muses with our photographer friends in the flickr pool, we are excited to announce our newest flickr group. The Mortal Muses Everyday Beauty group is all about capturing and celebrating the beauty of our everyday lives, or as Kim's post discussed... The Beautiful Mundane.

You are invited to submit your off-theme photos into the pool to be featured on the blog. Share with us the beautiful captures from your everyday lives - within your home, with your friends, good times with your families, cuddling with your pets... living your lives. We will be featuring one photo, just one lovely photo, no essay. After today, you will find these posts on the new EVERYDAY BEAUTY page.  You will notice a new link in the left column.  We are pleased to start this off with the gorgeous submission by Adventures of Miss ViVi Gold.

To make it easier on the Muses selecting for the themed photo challenge, please do not submit those photos in this pool. You will also notice that the Muses will be sharing photos in the pool but will not be featured. 

We hope that you enjoy this new feature.


*megula* said...

What an amazing photo! I love this side project ;)

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

I love this idea. There are so many great photos in the pool. It's so hard choosing just one to compliment a Muse post.
And? I have loved following the adventures of Miss ViVi
♥ maureen

gibknitty said...

love the idea. and, this first featured photo is gorgeous!

mosey said...

I'll take the dreamy light, the cuddly dog, the flowing locks, and the pretty little dress. Where do I sign up for this? (gorgeous shot)

Kirstin Mckee said...

Fabulous idea....sign me up!

blue elephant photography said...

i love the lighting on this =)

Jamie said...

What a wonderful idea - and this photo is amazing

Beverly said...

wonderful and beautiful idea! cant wait to see all the beauty. what a beautiful photo above

Mealy said...

love love the dreamy quality of this photo!

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