Saturday, August 28, 2010

...and all the shades of grey

My favourite thing about being a part of this project is the stories you all share with your photographs. Well now I know my favourite stories are the ones told in black and white. Other than the obvious more dramatic feel of a black and white photo - the lack of "color" tells a far more interesting story to me. 

As a designer I start everything in grey - grey is also my favourite color therefore it's not strange that I love monochrome photos the best. Don't get me wrong I do like a bright flaring sun, the softness of bokeh around its subject, the blossom of a flower but there is something just so enchanting about a black & white image. While in University my first year photography class was a study in black and white. we developed all the film and learnt the actual dodge and burn techniques with old school tools - a piece of paper with a hole cut out and a coat hanger with tape on the end. I'd stay in the dark room until 5am sometimes, trying to get the shot I wanted to come to life. Looking through this week's gallery on flickr reminded me of the wonderful things I loved about that process. 

I have been very introspective this week.  I tend to analyze things differently and more linearly in my head when I feel like this. I study things more like a mathematician. I see things in numbers almost. its weird but that's how I've been shooting lately. 

This photo shot by drdesigns reminds me of a photo shot in film. I immediately loved it the moment I saw it. I assumed one of the other muses would snatch it up but I am so glad they didn't. the texture, the crispness, the tone. love it! I have no idea what this thing is on that rough old piece of wood, but I just love it. and want one of my very own. 

Uploaded by drdesigns on 18 Mar 10, 2.46PM MDT.

Thank you so much for sharing your black & white stories with us, we were all truly inspired wandering through the flickr group this go around. 

Next theme is antiques.
happy shooting my fellow musing peeps! 


blue elephant photography said...

love both photos, very edgy and geometric in a way. that spiky thing is cute!

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

Great shots both.
That spiky thing looks like a seed from a sweet gum tree. Most people who have those trees curse them. But, I'll be happy to send you all you want. :)
♥ maureen

Kirstin Mckee said...

Such interesting words and pictures. I used to spend hours in the darkroom watching my husband dodge and burn pictures!

aclamp said...

a great pick!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I loved developing my own film and printing it. Such a lost art. Great photos. ♥t

April said...

I really enjoyed printing my own pictures in a photography class in high school! Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories with these wonderful photos :)

michel said...

Maureen! send them my way! I would love more props for the blog!

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