Thursday, March 1, 2012

power to change

There is power in water. Power to reshape the landscape, to slowly change the world. What takes humans substantial brute force to do can be accomplished by water, slowly but surely, over a long period time. You only have to visit the beach and watch for a few hours, to see the power of water. Shaping and reshaping the world around us, water has the power to change what other elements can't touch.

The events of our lives stream by like water, slowly but surely changing us. We can only go with the flow. Today I'm announcing a change, I'll be leaving the Mortal Muses after this post. It's been a wonderful, beautiful experience to be a muse, but I find that my time is limited and I can't sustain everything I have been doing. I'm excited to introduce Meghan Davidson of Life Refocused as the muse taking my place. I know you will enjoy getting to know her over the coming months.

I like to imagine that it's Meghan and me in her image below, having a chat and passing the baton, the water working its powerful magic around us all the while.

It's with much love and gratitude for my time as a muse that I say farewell. I'll see you around!

Sunset Chat by Meghan Davidson


Kirstin said...

Oh how I will miss your wonderful photography and thoughtful posts, Kat. Good luck with all your future projects.
And welcome Meghan!

Gilly said...

Good luck with whatever is next for you, Kat, and we'll miss you lots on MM. I love both these images in their different ways.

Becs said...

Will miss you on Mortal Muses but look forward to see what's coming up next for you. And excited to meet Meghan too. Love both the images in this and your words about shaping and reshaping.

Meghan @ Life Refocused said...

Thanks for the introduction, Kat. So thrilled to be joining the Muses!

mosey (kim) said...

Ahhhh Kat. I will miss seeing you here in this spot, but will be following you along at your site. And so excited to welcome Meghan to the Muses! x

christina said...

I will miss you so very much kat. i send you much love.
welcome meghan! xoxo

Anna said...

Kat, sorry to hear you are leaving! Good luck in all your future ventures!
Welcome to Meghan.

gina said...

I will miss your wonderful posts here too, but know you have exciting things planned, Kat. Welcome Meghan!

Ashley Sisk said...

We're really going to miss you here - but I know you're only an email away. Big hugs.

urban muser said...

Kat, you will truly be missed. I love your post and how you tied this all together...beautifully done. See ya 'round the blogosphere I am sure ;)

Welcome to Meghan!!

seabluelee said...

Kat, you'll be missed here, but I still know where to find you! Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you next.
And looking forward to getting to know Meghan, too.

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