Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the calm of water

I need water. Not only for nourishment, but for my livelihood. When I have an appointment at the spa, for a manicure, I adore every second of it. Everything from the scent of the cucumber water, to the way they spritz my hands with Evian, before I leave. Water calms me, immensely. 

My mother has a bowl that's called a rose bowl. She has bought roses, every other week, for as long as I can remember. And each time her roses begin to fade, she places the petals in her rose bowl. I have taken up with this tradition, as well. I place the petals of flowers, to float in a bowl of water on a table, right by our entryway. There aren't many people that come in to our home, that don't mention how much they like the water bowl. 

Water is an essential part of what makes me happy. A walk along the water, changes my mood to peaceful, no matter where I am in my life. I think that's why I loved, Red Kiwi's photo so much. The sun dancing along the water, the flare, the sky. I can just hear the gentle waves. 

Christina {soul aperture}

Trapper Keeper Landscape
trapper keeper landscape by red kiwi


Kirstin said...

Oh these are beautiful and oh so very calming, Christina. Thank you. I am all ready to go to work now!

urban muser said...

christina, this is so beautifully written. a truly lovely post. i really like your rose/water bowl idea (well, your mom's idea :)

becky said...

i hear you with my soul ... i need water too.

Anna said...

Hi Christina,
Your post is a soothing meditation. Such beautiful photos and words woven together! I love the flower bowl idea.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful tradition -- I want to start doing that! And wow, gorgeous image.

Cathi said...

Beautiful, my friend! xxoo

Gilly said...

Beautiful post, Christina, and I love the idea of your water bowl. I love the delicacy and soft fading in the first photo, and the second has a real sense of place to it.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed my lovely friend
Love Jeanne

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