Wednesday, January 19, 2011

and the next theme is... TEXTURES

Textures are image files (usually .jpgs or .bmps) that you can use to overlay on your images to create an artistic effect. (You can do a Google search for textures or find them on flicker.)

winter wind

If you aren't familiar with this technique you can google texture tutorials, there are many great tutorials on the web. You'll also need photo processing software, a program that allows you to apply a layer over your photo. You can use Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, if you don't have either program you can down load a free trial version or use a free software program like Picasa.

blue hydrangea in pot
blue hydrangea in pot by pam martin

Adding textures to your photos can completely change the look and feel of your photo. When applied to a photo, textures can be subtle, soft and romantic, or add drama and interest.

Beating The Heat
beating the heat by langley photography

As you can see, textures can be used on portraits, landscapes or still life's - any subject can be made into a work of art by adding a layer or more of texture.

If you've never tried this technique, I hope this prompt encourages to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. For those of you who have been using textures, I can't wait to see your work. Thanks so much for participating in these themes. I love surfing through the Flickr pool and being inspired by your talent. It’s become one of my favorite activities!

Make sure to visit tomorrow when Tammy will start our 9 days of musing on silhouettes.

maureen at cottage 960


Unknown said...

I think it looks pretty cool : ) I have never done it yet though!

Laura lok said...

i have been wanting to try this I guess now I have a reason to try it

Nordljus said...

Wonderful theme! I love textures and at the moment (I'm really just getting into it), simply can't do without :-).

Gorgeous image!

Anna said...

Your textured photos and the examples that you have chosen are all lovely! Being new to photography, I haven't worked with textures yet, but am looking forward to it. Great post. Thanks!

Creatissimo said...

I adore textures and images using textures! We can create (or change) moods of the images with them... I like to use them when I need to express myself in a certain way.

Jamie said...

Yay - what a perfect theme.

Unknown said...

The more I go along with my camera and everything that comes after the shot, the more I find myself gravitating towards the artsy side of things. Even when browsing, they draw my eye first.
The images you've posted here are no exception. Totally gorgeous!

Mary Liz said...

I absolutely love the barn!

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