Monday, July 30, 2012

mosaic muse; mobile monday

We arrived back from our holidays just last night. Although I took many rolls of film and digital images too, I have to admit I loved the immediacy of sharing my mobile phone pictures on our travels. Looking at that mobile monday pool, it looks as though you've been doing the same! Just look at all that wonderful light you've been catching in the last few weeks; it's been so very inspirational. And do keep snapping away as we work on our redesign! We hope to be up and running very soon to feature even more of your astounding images.

kirstin of fleeting moments.

1. Sunset, 2. A summer's eve, 3. The morning show. #morningwalk #roundrock #myskyshot, 4. Into the sun, 5. Sunrise, 6. Biscayne, 7. {287:365 1v.2} Evening sun, 8. Untitled, 9. Goddess on the mountain top. ~Bananarama


Cindy said...

love your new groups and this set is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

fantastic Kirstin!!!!


linda | sidemtess

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