Wednesday, May 16, 2012

where land meets sea

I am most at peace where land meets the sea. The colors strike me as the perfect compliment of blue and green. My family has access to a summer cottage on the shores of Cape Ann in Massachusetts so I packed them up a few summers ago so that they could have the "east coast experience". You should have seem their faces when they hiked through thorny brambles only to find that the beach was full of rocks not sand. A completely different kind of beach to my California beach babes. I couldn't get enough of the old tree lined streets lighthouses. If you look hard you can see one below.

At home Southern California has a more dramatic approach when it comes to the coast. Rolling hills abruptly end and give way to jagged cliffs anchored by palms and chaparral. Our beaches are carved out of little and big coves making it almost impossible to walk on the sand from one beach to another.  That's why we all have cars so we can drive to our favorite "secret"  or not so secret beach, we all have them.

It doesn't matter what shore I am standing on they all have the same effect on me. Calm.

Lone Sailboat

Calm is exactly how I feel when I saw this photo from skiingrn1 called Lone Sailboat. What a stunning capture of a part of Alaska that's not all ice! Perfectly sharp I can almost hear the boat as it cuts through still waters.


MG Atwood said...

Oh, I love that last peaceful. I'm with you. No vacation is complete unless I'm by the sea. It's my happy place, my center, my calm, my everything.

Tamara said...

i live on the central coast of california and also feel incredible peace living by the sea. i immediately associated with your california beach shot. and yes...i most definitely have my favorite "secret" beach. :) that alaska shot is stunning...the water is so calm!

Brenda H said...

I was reading along and what a pleasant surprise to see my sailboat shot! Thank you! I love that shot enough that it is printed and on the wall of my office so I can relive that moment when feeling stressed. Tamara - I'm also on the central coast of California and find that typically the majority of my shots involve water. Brenda aka skiingrn1

mosey (kim) said...

Water has the same effect on me... I grew up on lakes rather than the ocean, but if I'm near either one all is most definitely right with the world.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

water is such a peaceful relaxer...i love it too!

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