Thursday, May 24, 2012

the landscape of you

I love a good landscape shot--the water, the land, the foliage, and all the other elements coming together in harmonious beauty. Throw a nice urban structure in the mix and I'm really feeling at home. Be radical and add the human form to the shot and now you're singing my tune. That's my perfect recipe for a landscape.

I've been trying to push myself a little further with my self-portraits this year. And although I adore a good outdoor shot, it's sometimes a struggle for me to find a quiet place in the middle of New York City and I am not yet 100% comfortable with strangers watching me run back and forth, posing, twirling and jumping like a nut in front of my own camera. To overcome this I've been challenging myself to try more outdoor selfies. This month, at my {In the Picture} project our theme is "big world, tiny you", where I encouraged everyone to get outside and put themselves into the landscape. This type of self-portrait is not about the details of your face or a closeup of your body, but rather, finding that perfect outdoor spot that makes your heart sing and inserting yourself into the moment.

Heather ~'s shot is a beautiful example of how adding yourself to the natural landscape can tell a story and capture a feeling. If you feel like trying this yourself, head outside today and take your shot...I am hosting a linky party on my blog tomorrow (5/25) if you want to stop by!

Until next time,
Christy {Urban Muser}


untitled by heather~


Jo Murray said...

Both great shots. It's been an interesting exercise.

gina said...

These are both wonderful -- they do tell a story so beautifully!

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

its funny how a landscape shot takes on a whole new meaning when we place people into the pictures...and when we place ourselves in, well the meaning seems to amplify. beautiful pairing and love how you get me thinking too!

Linda said...

Both of these pictures are so lovely. The setting is so pretty and having someone in the shot just makes them even better. I like how in both shots, the people are looking toward the landscape.
Your theme "big world, tiny you" is stretching me too. Like you, I try to find a place where people can't watch me act like a crazy person! Someday I'll get over that fear!


Anna said...

Great captures! Adding a figure gives a nice focal point to a landscape, along with an element of storytelling.

Anonymous said...

Christy, thank you. lovely blog : )

Kirstin said...

I love that you continue to challenge yourself, Christy. Beautiful photos, both!

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