Wednesday, March 7, 2012

this charming boy

A few months ago Miles attended his first funeral after his great-grandmother died, aged 101. He's a big thinker, so there were lots of questions about the funeral beforehand. It was only when I bought him a new outfit for the occasion that he really understood that this was an important event at which he had to look and behave appropriately. As we got ready and put his new clothes on he reached down into the box with his "Doctor Who" kit and asked if he should put on this bow tie. It came from the front of a magazine, so it's not a real bow tie, and I was worried he might be uncomfortable in it all day. But he was so earnest about wanting to look smart that I told him that would be lovely.

After our long drive to the church, Miles sat down carefully. He behaved impeccably throughout the service and charmed everyone before and after with his winning smile. I don't know whether it was the bow tie that made him so charming, but looking at his face I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have helped!

Here's another adorable grin by ~Becky Sue~(RSL Photography) that will charm you. Look at that grin. It's irresistible, isn't it?

Have you tried to snap a charming smile? They're difficult to capture but so worth the effort.

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goerdie said...

that story and and these smiles just made my day! thank you!


cara said...

OH and i think I almost picked that shot when I thought I had to muse on charm. becky sue's boy is so darn charming!

Alison Bents said...

These are both just so lovely, and the story is perfect. Also, Doctor Who kit? Need one of those. Lucky Brits get all the good stuff ;)

Lindsey Garrett said...

Very charming indeed with that impish grin what a handsome lad in the making.

christina said...

waving to miles! i love everything about this post. especially the wonderful bow tie and smiles.

urban muser said...

those are 2 really sweet faces indeed. so cute kirstin!

damiec said...

what a lovely story. and what absolutely winning smiles.

Kat Sloma said...

I knew you would find a charm-ing photo of Miles! Adorable, both of these!

Becky Sue said...

I was unable to comment on this last week but thank you so much, Kristin! Your boy is always so incredibly adorable and charming. I took this shot of my son, Griffin, one day when I thought he looked like a young James McAvoy.

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