Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ripples, reflections and refractions

Water is my canvas, my backdrop that comes in a myriad of shades of blue. I love the depth of the blue you see across different bodies of water from the deep dark indigo ocean to the turquoise sparkle of a plaster filled pool. There isn't anything more soothing to me then a blanket of ripples and reflections.

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Water bends light in a way that both captivates and confuses me. Have you ever tried focusing on the surface of a sloshing pool? Capturing the soft rhythm of waves of water can be difficult. When I stand over a pool of water my focus will always be on the light refracted through the water. The blue serving as a background in this case for a map of white ribbons bending and swirling. Its almost a bit surreal.

Precisely my thoughts when I came across Kathy's (SightSpecific) photo. I am in love with the way the ripples look like the work of paintbrush washing over this lovely child and her pink hat. Truly a bit surreal and very much impressionistic. 

In this case DON'T stay dry, go get wet, play in the water and make your own art in the rain!

Lindsey | the modchik

the universe is made of stories

the universe is made of stories by SightSpecific


Anna said...

Hi Lindsey,
Soaking up these luscious reflections today! Dreaming of liquid water as the snow continues to fall outside my window.

SuperDewa said...

What a soothing post! Just beautiful.

Kirstin said...

Goodness, those blue waves lapping. So relaxing.

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