Thursday, February 9, 2012


I use words all the time. We all do; at work, at play, for fun, at school. I took so many pictures of words for this theme, but it was as we walked along the beach that I found this boat. And I realised that with this theme, I enjoyed finding words which conjured up an image for me; those were the words that spoke to me. I'm not sure this boat is still in use, but the words on the back of it made me think of the story behind the name. Who was Dorothy May? Was she a sister or a dear friend? Maybe a daughter or a wife. Is she still alive or is this the only memory of her? I imagined the person who named this boat looking out to it across the beach and having fond memories of his time spent with Dorothy May.

I liked to imagine the story behind the words. Just as with this VW camper van taken by meeganz. Where has this bus been on its travels? I found my mind wandering as I thought of the happy people jostling inside on the journeys to the beach or maybe through rainy forests. I even imagined the passengers singing as they drove along, and just look at that snow on the bumper and the rust on the side there! I bet this minivan has stories to tell...

What have you imagined as you looked at words? What stories can you make up behind the words that you find today?

kirstin of fleeting moments

i m a g i n e

i m a g i n e by meeganz


cara said...

wow what a pairing.
love the way your mind worked on this topic.

free range chick said...

Great captures.
They both stir up the imagination!

Anna said...

Hi Kirstin,
That's one thing that I really enjoy about photography, the viewer always brings their own imagination, life experiences, and feelings to someone else's work. As you point out, words in images can really spark our imagination further. Thanks for your storytelling today :)

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

these two shots were made for each other! And both look like they've been up, down, around and all over!!!

urban muser said...

beautiful post kirstin. you made me look at words in a different way today :)

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