Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the season without reason

With a new year comes a chance to turn over a fresh leaf, to start anew, to pick up some good habits. I've never liked New Years' resolutions: people seldom keep them, it seems a foolish charade that is more about having something to talk about and to keep you busy after the holidays are over. But it is a good trigger if you need one to start thinking about what things in your life need to change, what bad habits you'd like to relinquish, and what you could improve about yourself. Better yet, let us think about the things we did right this past year! Let's celebrate the Season without Reason* and with no holiday in particular on the horizon, let's celebrate life and our accomplishments! There's a fresh take on a New Years Resolution, say it with me, "I resolve to celebrate myself and the things I have for which I can be thankful!" I'm celebrating this fresh and inspirational macro shot from a queen of macro, Cathy423, below!

cara of cararose
**I invented this a few years back to keep away the post-holiday doldrums and depressions.


untitled by Cathy423


Dorian Susan said...

I love both of these shots. I too can pass on the resolutions, but looking back on the good might be a nice change.

Jo Murray said...

Fabulous shots. Have a happy New Year.

seabluelee said...

Beautiful photos! I like your idea of the Season without Reason. New Year's resolutions cause me to start beating myself up even before the year begins because I know I won't be keeping them. I think I'll look back and appreciate what I did accomplish rather than anticipating where I might fall short yet again.

urban muser said...

beautiful images cara!

Kirstin said...

Beautiful, Cara. And yes, I like the way you are thinking...I never keep my resolutions!

Christina said...

just gorgeous!

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