Monday, December 5, 2011

grateful for four legged friends

"A really companionable and indispensable dog is an accident of nature. You can't get it by breeding for it, and you can't buy it with money. It just happens along."
- E B White

This is my dog Willow. My best girl. My photo-walk assistant. My constant companion. We had a real scare earlier in the year when we almost lost her to a ruptured spleen. I won't go into the details here, but we came frighteningly close to putting her down, and then things turned around for us. We had wonderful doctors who didn't give up on her, we made some difficult (but what turned out to be the right) decisions, and we were able to get her through a tough recovery period.

Four months later, that is her on the beach with my husband...the wind blowing so hard it makes her usually floppy ears stand up, the constant goofy dog-grin on her furry face. My Willow isn't getting any younger, but every day with her is a gift, and I cherish each moment that I have her in my life.

It looks like ajbbents has a couple of canine companions of her own--in her flickr post she said, "they bring smiles and comfort and a happy canine grin and smooch just when it is most needed." Yup, I couldn't agree more!

~christy {urban muser}

13 of 30 #fromwhereistand #paws beggars

13 of 30 #fromwhereistand #paws beggars by ajbbents


Gilly said...

I'm so glad Willow made it through, Christy, and I hope you have many, many more years with her. Dogs are such wonderful companions. Love the angle on that second picture, too!

Leanne said...

Gorgeous! SO lovely to have a pooch as part of the family!

Becky Sue said...

So happy for you and Willow! I am never tired of seeing doggie photos.

bon bon said...

wonderful shots of happy creatures!

Debby said...

It's so hard when your pets are ill. Glad yours is okay now. Love the last shot of the puppies and your favorite shoes.

Oliag said...

I do believe Willow is my favorite on-line canine friend:)

Anna said...

Hi Christy,
Yep, dogs are the best! I always enjoy your photos of Willow - what a gal! Our puppy, Teddy, is such a part of the family after only 6 months:)

I'm Veronica said...

How timely on the video:)

Kirstin said...

Christy, I love that you and Willow are such a team! x

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

oh christy, this post just moves me...i know exactly how you feel. Major is such a HUGE part of lives, we love him so much. Sorry to hear that Willow narrowly averted a crisis earlier this year. Poor girl! but she's looking just fine now...I love her ears!!!

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