Friday, December 30, 2011

fresh thoughts


My mother used to scold me "Susan, don't be fresh!" I won't deny certain situations merited her saying that.....but I'm wondering about her choice of words. I wonder too much; 'tis a bad habit of mine or alternatively a sign of brilliance. Fresh is good, isn't it? Fresh air, fresh fruit, fresh sheets, fresh coat of paint, freshly baked, smelling fresh as a daisy (or is that just some nerdy thing my Pop says?), fresh ideas, fresh and clean, fresh start, etc. Why would it be bad to be fresh? Why wouldn't you want to be fresh?..... jus' sayin'.

With the New Year (2012 please and thank you and OMG at the same time) about to turn, many people are thinking about "fresh". A time for resolutions, new beginnings, change of routine, out with the old in with the new. I don't embrace all that. Curmudgeon. Go to bed at 10, wake up the next morning, same ol' same ol', but.....

....I go to the beach. Often. Year round. More frequently in the off-seasons rather than summer. I love to find the beach empty especially at low tide. It is a gift. I think about the foot and paw prints erased by the outgoing tide. I find a piece of seaglass tossed ashore by waves-it wasn't there the day before. I think about the sands that shift, the organic and man-made flotsam that goes in and out, the renewal of the beach upon each visit. Again and again I find the beach, the ocean, my muse and my reminder that each day is fresh and new and can be an impetus for change, significant or inconsequential.

Better Nothing Than Almost's image indicates that I'm not the only one who finds renewal in the beauty of the beach, ocean, and fresh air.

Susan of Happy No Ears

looking ahead

looking ahead by better nothing than almost

Thank you Susan for musing with us today! If you'd like to know more about Susan, be sure to visit her at Happy No Ears. If you would like to muse with us as a guest, email us at mortalmuses9 [at]


Kirstin said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the new year and welcome the new. Thank you for musing with us Susan. x

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Powerful message and photo, Susan!

Anita Johnson said...

I grew up with that same phrase, but never thought about it in the way you did here. Here's to a fresh start in 2012, for all of us!

seabluelee said...

My Dad said "fresh as a daisy" too! It's not nerdy, maybe just a bit old-fashioned. :-)
I too love the beach. It sweeps the cobwebs out of my head and somehow makes the "real world" easier to face. And I can never go home without picking up something...a bit of sea glass, a shell, a pebble. And, of course, a few photos.... Happy New Year, all!

Kathy said...

I believe the traits that drive our parents crazy, are the one's that often times propel us successfully through life. My son's "out of box" thinking and rationalization skills use to drive me to the brink. Today? He's on the cusp of becoming a lawyer! haha. "Fresh" has gotten you far in life my are blessed :)


bgottsab said...

Glad to see you musing away. I really can't imagine your mother telling you not to be "fresh" - it just doesn't seem in your nature :)

I am always inspired by your beach photos - being landlocked here in Ohio, I must enjoy the ocean/beach vicariously through your images.

urban muser said...

I agree with you Susan, an empty beach is a magical place. So happy to see you here musing with us today!

Better Nothing Than Almost said...

thank you for picking my photo Susan :) have a happy new year!

Cheryl Flatt said...

Susan-So nice to see you here! Great message & image...Glad I read it today, at this moment. Hope you are very fresh on this 3rd day of the new year.

Anna said...

Wonderful post, Susan! I'm with you on the beach thing, only my beach is along the lake. The ebb and flow of the seasons at the lake is always a source of fresh inspiration for me.
Happy New Year to you!

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