Monday, November 7, 2011

you light up my life.

Any photographer knows the importance of the light. We become observers, seekers, sometimes even commandeers of the light, co-opting it and coercing it for our photographs. It is an interesting relationship we have with the light. Like being stood up for a date, if the light isn't promising, the day is filled with less to look forward to, as it may be a day without photography. The result is having to learn how to use light creatively, to make the most out of the least light, and to see it in new ways at times. And to really make the most of it when it is in the mood to cooperate, when it is truly "the light fantastic." Tell me that doesn't sound like a romantic relationship at times? So far, light has been good to me, and so I'll keep showing it off in gratitude. Light, quite literally, is "the light of my life" as a photographer.

heavenly~flower is a master of the light fantastic. If you followed her 365, you know how well she utilized the light to be innovative and keep it going every day. She's a lover of flare, silhouettes, and backlit nature shots like her example below.

thanks for reading!

dear to us are those who love us by heavenly~flower


Anna said...

It is funny how sometimes we just need to work with the light and surprising things will come of a day that didn't seem promising. Romancing the light - I like that notion :) Fun post and beautiful images!

Marcie said...

Yes - I have to agree. It's all about learning to find that light..and to master it. Thanks for the link!

urban muser said...

i love that photo of your lens cara!

Christina said...

i adore the tones of these photos.

Kirstin said...

Cara, your pictures are wonderful. But your words literally took my breath away.

heavenly~flower said...

Yes, your words are beautiful. Our relationship to light is so special and we're blessed to be able to capture the moment and share with others. Thank you for featuring my shot. I'm honored xo

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

lol, "romantic relationship" indeed! amazing how not having the light you were hoping for can throw you for a loop!

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