Thursday, November 10, 2011

night light

Fair Lights RS
As photographers, we are light chasers. In many cases, we wait all day for that golden hour to arrive so we can race outside to capture everything in sight. In darkness, we recharge for the next beautifully lit moment. But I remember a time, before I identified myself as a photographer, in which I was scared of the dark. It was not a source of rest, but the boogie man. The light was my protector from the unknown.

Needless to say, I'm no longer scared of the dark...and those traces of light are much more than my protector from the unknown. The light has become a source of inspiration, spirit, creativity and much more. Much like the colors reflected amongst the light of the carnival rides, I am mesmerized by the disco colors reflected in Stormchild's pint glass. Who says we have to wait for daylight for that next inspired moment - I prefer the night light.

Until next time,
Ashley of Ramblings and Photos
Disco Pint
Disco Pint by Stormchild


Anonymous said...

delightful post and awesome photos. love the colours and the light. great job :)

Anna said...

Hi Ashley,
I love how dramatic and gorgeous colored lights look against the dark, as you've shown in these captures! You inspire me to want to do more night shooting! Perfect flow of words and thoughts in your piece, too.

Stormchild said...

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for the kind words about my photo! I like yours too; love the colors in the ferris wheel.

Kirstin said...

That's such a good point, Ashley. I've just returned from a night photography course and all I could see were the lights. Great post!

Christina said...

i love these two photos together. Love!

urban muser said...

amazing light and color ashley. love these!

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