Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have spent more time than usual at home over the past few weeks, babysitting my best friend who is pregnant. She has been advised by her obstetrician that because of pregnancy related complications, she needs to be with someone else at all times as she heads into that final trimester. It has been an honour to be with her for these last precious weeks, as she has shared her fears, her anxieties, her plans and her hopes for her unborn baby, making those important nesting plans for her own home and family. And I cherish those moments I have been able to spend with her, as I know they will be few and far between once her son is born.

Here, we share once of those important moments as we enjoy a cup of tea in the kitchen, trying to come up with a shortlist of baby's such fun to savour each name and imagine what her little person will be like. And thank you, Yolanda for providing the cake. This will go just perfectly with our tea...

Where's your favourite place to share special moments with your friends in your home? Is it over a cup of tea? Or maybe over a glass of wine? Perhaps you like to make yourself cozy on the sofa, under a blanket as you catch up on the gossip. Do tell us!

kirstin of fleeting moments.

279/365 Diario de vida.

279/365 diario de vida by butterfly-yolanda


Ashley Sisk said...

Awww what precious moments to share. I love how your photo captures that.

Christian said...

Ah, I love this post! What a beautiful moment to share with your friend. My best times to spend with my loved ones is on a lazy morning in p.j's with coffee and curled up somewhere warm.

Anna said...

How wonderful to spend this time with your friend. I'm sure that the memory of these days together will last a lifetime. At our house, family and friends seem to gather in our open kitchen - dining room. Food, fun, and conversation go naturally together!

Christina said...

this is love. sheer love.

urban muser said...

you are a wonderful friend to be helping her through this time and sharing these memories with her. :)

Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns said...

What lovely sentiments. You are clearly a very good friend.

I particularly like the cake pic - nice close-up and soft focus.


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