Tuesday, October 25, 2011

home is where the heart is...happiest.

It has been truly uplifting to see how everyone photographically defines the place they call "home."
I'm guessing many of us learned to expand our definition during this theme. I saw lots of tabletops showing the clutter that speaks volumes about our families, and all the foods that keep them going. I saw lots of empty rooms full of personality, and lots of friendly faces and furry friends. I hope home for me soon means a furry friend of my own!

For me, it simply comes down to home being where the heart is. Somehow, that finds me in Kansas these days; quite a surprise for this east coast born, recent New Mexico resident. I know, I know, "there's no place like home (Kansas)" from the Wizard of Oz could ostensibly sum up this whole topic, but it doesn't quite do it. I've had many a discussion with friends on this very topic when we returned to our childhood homes after some time and felt different, as though they didn't feel quite like "home" anymore. I imagine that is what should happen when you find your own home, but at the time for myself and my friends, no place actually felt like a home to us. We were in a transition between the homes of our youth, and finding a home for our adult selves. Since then, I've come to learn that truly, "home is where the heart is." I always thought it a corny expression. But after calling several different states home myself, I realized that, even if it means "home" moves itself to different locations every few years, wherever my heart is happiest is where I need to make my home.  And it seems you all showed us what makes your hearts happiest, too!
journeyswithasimplegirl must certainly be happy about this surprising sight!

by cara of cararosephotos

unexpected by journeyswithasimplegirl


Ashley Sisk said...

Home is where the heart is - beautiful post!

Oliag said...

That phrase "Home is where the Heart is" may be overused...but rightfully so!

Cindy said...

so true and with a camera in tow! lovely pics!

Anna said...

Since we have moved a bit for my husband's career, I know exactly what you mean. Yes, "home" is where friends, family, pets, and love all come together - wherever that might be!

urban muser said...

lovely, home-y photos and post cara!

Christina said...

so very true. such lovely light in both photos!

Kirstin said...

your words ring so very true. And there's nothing like windowsill light to make things more homely.

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