Tuesday, July 19, 2011

respite from summer fun


I just returned from five weeks away from home - a journey overseas to spend time with members of both my family and my husband's.  We had moments of relaxation, mad dashes for trains, slogging through sweltering heat in big cities balanced by cool drizzle in rural settings of exquisite beauty.  There was joy being surrounded by family and friends, and then blissful moments all to ourselves (and one seven year old).  There were weeks where we bounced from one city to another overwhelmed by crowds and heat and noise, and other weeks where we stayed put and the only sounds were sheep baa-ing and bees buzzing.  There were highs and lows, and then the moments inbetween.

I've written before about "traveller's melancholy", a term I first heard coined in one of Frances Mayes travel books - she refers to it as a state of being she sometimes sinks into when travelling, feeling a longing for familiarity and people she loves who are too far away.  I know this feeling well.  I love to travel, but also recognize the times when I need to slow down, take time to mosey.  My photo above is in our tiny bed and breakfast in Venice, after a morning of intense heat walking those beautiful streets and bridges under a merciless sun.  My daughter chose to use our siesta time to sit in the window seat and wave hello to the passersby below.  I engaged in my favourite activity - daydreaming - pillow beneath my head, a book and my camera close by.

I loved the similar dreamy feel of Hannah's breeze-filled curtains, and her longing for sunshine after what sounds like a dreary bout of rain and puddles. 

I wish for all of you what you most long for this summer - does your summer fun include nonstop activity or do you prefer a slow swing in the hammock with a book?  Or a bit of both?

kim (mosey) of mosey along

. Sunshine through my window
Sunshine through my window by H a n n a h_


Gilly said...

I love both of these; they bring back that lovely feeling of enjoying the cool dimness of inside, but knowing that the sunshine is out there waiting whenever you're ready for more.

alicia said...

Great pics. They evoke great peaceful feelings.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful post Mosey. We're taking a vacation in the fall and while I look forward to sight-seeing, I'm looking more forward to those times of peacefulness you speak of here.

missing moments said...

Dreamy images ... and I like some travel and time in the hammock ... mush them together and perfecto!

Joy said...

The promise of the world outside. Lovely.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

You describe travel so well. I prefer the slow swing with just a little bit of buzz every now and again.

urban muser said...

we spent our entire vacation in maine napping, reading, lying in the hammock, eating, drinking, repeat. nice post :)

maureen said...

Love both photos, the light and the feel of them. Lovely.
In regards to summer fun, I do like a little of both. As much activity as possible, followed by putting my feet up, hopefully with a wine glass in hand.
happy summer

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