Friday, July 8, 2011

dreaming of autumn

Dreaming of Autumn BW RS
I have mixed feelings towards summer. I work in the south, in an office building in which my thermostat doesn't work half the time and to walk outside requires a shower. Meanwhile, I find myself "flipping" through hundreds of "summer fun" photos each day...children laughing, sprinklers, playtime at the pool and carnivals.  Part of me wishes that I could be a child again so that I could enjoy a "summer vacation," but those days have long passed. The other part of me is dreaming of autumn, of cooler temperatures and our annual state fair. 

When I saw clare.R.armstrong's photo, I immediately imagined being at the fair and dove into my October archives. Just because I have mixed feelings towards summer, doesn't mean that I should wish my time away. Look at the bright side, at least we have more hours of daylight...right?

Maybe next time, I'll have a better attitude. Until then,
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img_4013.p by clare.R.armstrong


Eileen said...

Lovely photos!
I am also not a huge fan of summer. Summer is great and all.. except for the heat!

Our Typical Life said...

I miss autumn too. Hopefully ours isn't as hot as summer was last year!

That photo is amazing!

missing moments said...

Oh ... I love the extra daylight! Great shot of the wheel!

Andrea said...

About the time we've had several "hot" weather days (and hot around here in the Washington/Oregon area is upper 80s), I long for autumn. Sunshine, cooler temps, breezes, kids back at school...

Kirstin said...

What a wonderful, wonderful pairing! I dream of hot, hot days like yours, but over in the UK it's sadly a rarity. It's much more like autumn most of the time!

urban muser said...

it's such a tough call...i crave the warmer months during the long winter and then can't wait for the cooler fall temperatures. the grass is always greener for me :) great shots!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Summer in the South is blazing hot for me too and sometimes a three shower day. Love your post and the photos.


maureen said...

I so love carnival photos, and these two are gorgeous.
And I LOVE the warm (okay, hot) days of summer. I get out as much as possible and try to store up that warmth to get me through the long cold winter months.

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