Saturday, June 4, 2011

muse flash - summer schedule

Belize - the peaceful water and pelicans
Belize - the peaceful water and pelicans by Margret Maria Cordts

Ahhhhh, summer. Time to kick back and relax a bit. Enjoy a good book, soak up some sun.

The Mortal Muses are planning to enjoy summer too! You'll find us musing here Monday through Friday and taking weekends off this summer. We're also shaking it up with month long themes for June and July. We'll continue exploring SQUARE FORMAT through June and really sink in to this wonderful format. There is so much you can do with it! We'll announce July's theme later in June.  

Enjoy some time to rediscover the joy in your photography, as the sun shines bright. Keep your Square Format images coming - let's see how creative we can get with them this month.

Join us back here on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!


blue elephant photography said...

i want to go to belize someday!

Marie said...

Belize, ahhhh, sigh.

Anika said...

Great idea to hang back for the summer ;)
This shot really makes me want a vacation, now!! Beautiful.

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