Friday, June 10, 2011

love affair

My love affair with square format began when my boyfriend (now husband) bought a Rolleiflex in 1995. At the time he was a poor photojournalism student and I was an even poorer medical student. He has since given up photography in favour of journalism and I have taken up photography while still practising medicine. So I get the Rollei! The only problem: my husband got rid of all the gear for processing film ages ago, so I had to go and buy it all again this week. Fortunately he could still remember how to mix up all the chemicals and load the film onto the reels.

All of which means I can now snap away to my heart's content. In square format.

Aviary [images] has a love of film too. She has a number of cameras which she snaps away with, often including the recipe she uses for developing them. I'm not quite there yet, but give me time as I do hope this love affair will continue and grow. And I love that both of these pictures (with the exception of my daughter's silly bandz) might have been taken any time within the last fifty years.

kirstin of fleeting moments

abandoned dream of an era past {236/365}

abandoned dream of an era past {265/365} by aviary [images]


Life with Kaishon said...

Squares are pleasing to my eye.

Karinvd said...

Love both pictures. You can almost hear old music playing in the background and picture an entire story around these shots.

pictress said...

love the cropping, especially in the first one. So gorgeous!

urban muser said...

hope you and the Rollei have many happy years together :) beautiful shots.

Jillsy Girl said...

such beautiful shots, especially the first one!

Anna said...

Enjoying the square formats! Kirstin, your image is classic. Perfect!

SuperDewa said...

These go together beautifully. So excited to see your rolleiflex shots.

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