Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the star of the shot

I am always looking for the light with my lens, and still learning ways to shoot it. Most of the time I look for ways to capture the light so that it will enhance the subject. On occasion, I find an opportunity to make the sun the star of the shot. Sometimes it is a planned shot, but just as often, it is luck and seizing the moment. I shot this statue previously, with lights illuminating it at night. But when I found myself walking around the same park in the daylight, I decided I wanted to get a fun shot. I moved around and around it until I got it just right. It looks to me as if Pinocchio caught sunshine in his hand.

I love the way Kristine chose to use the light, to catch the warm rays of sunshine between a pair of hands and turned the light into the star of her photo.

maureen of Cottage 960

the heart
the heart by blue elephant photography


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm a real boy! Sorry, couldn't resist.
Great captures of the beautiful sun!

Karenliz said...

Great shot! Catching sunlight is tricky but you nailed it!!!!

Jamie said...

Amazing shots

missing moments said...

Great captures. Always challenging and fascinating with what our lens captures.

urban muser said...

i love the angle you took on this theme. these shots are perfect together, with your words.

Anna said...

Great captures - in every respect! I was playing with some sun captures today on a walk. Very fun.

Kirstin said...

what a wonderful post. And such fabulous pictures too!

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