Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the front porch

Relaxing on the Front Porch RS

I've often joked that I am in a constant state of relaxation. I just don't seem to get worked up as much as I did years ago. But, in those moments where I do need a break, I allow my mind to fall back into memories of sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. With that in mind, I thought this poem by JRR said it best:

Sitting on the front porch
After the sun goes down
Takes me back to my childhood
With no one else around

Watching the lightning bugs
Shine their tiny lights
Like fairies at play
Dancing in the night

Frogs croaking in the pond
Bullfrogs adding bass to their song
Crickets adding tenor
Could make you feel that nothing could go wrong

The lonely soulful cry of the whip-poor-will
Calling for its mate
Finally an answer in the distance
The closer together, no long can they wait

A gentle summer breeze
Moving without a sound
Bringing the sweet scent of hay
Freshly cut, laying on the ground

Those memories come flooding back
Reminding me of happier, simpler times
When trouble seemed minimal
And all the time in the world was mine

Doesn't that poem and this image by SightSpecific just take you back to your childhood? There are so many times that I only wish I could go back to such simplicity. Instead, I'll simply remember, reflect and relax.

Until next time,
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day 99/4.9.10
day 99/4.9.10 by SightSpecific


Kirstin said...

What a perfectly relaxing pairing. I wish we had porches like this in the UK!

Eileen said...

Love these! Very inviting. Makes me want to settle in with a glass of something cold and a good book.

urban muser said...

I agree with Kirstin--oh, what I would do for a front porch. Not happening in NYC. Beautiful pairing!

Anna said...

Love the focus in both these images! Soft and dreamy sets up a relaxed mood. I'm looking forward to summer evenings on the dock, that's my front porch :)

Sheri said...

Beautiful porch(es). I love sitting on my front porch. Don't do it nearly enough.

Kathy said...

thanks for using my image--it's in wonderful company

Puna said...

Lovely lovely photos and thoughts!

Jamie said...

Just looking at these gorgeous images makes me feel a bit more relaxed.

missing moments said...

Yes, those images and words fly me back to childhood. I loved our porch swing and the evening chats with my grandmother!
Outstanding photos and writing!

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