Thursday, April 28, 2011

play ball!

For me, springtime means baseball.  When I was younger, my family would sit together around the television and watch the New York Yankees play night after night.   There was a gap in time when I strayed away from watching all the games, but in the past few years my husband and I have picked up the habit again--watching the games on TV and heading out to Yankee Stadium when we get the chance.

Springtime also brings with it lazy afternoons playing ball in the backyard.  I took the above photo last week at my brother's house in New Jersey.  I call it "three generations of wiffle ball"--my nephew, my brother, and my 70-year-old father at the ready in the outfield (go Dad!).

LeGrandLife's photo below beautifully captures the excitement of that first pitch of the season.  I can almost hear the roar of the crowd and taste the peanuts in my mouth as I cheer on the home team.  A perfect way to spend a spring day.

Enjoy the warmer days, and see you soon!

~christy of urban muser

First Pitch
first pitch by LeGrandLife


Becky Sue said...

For me, too, springtime means baseball only Red Sox baseball! ;) I have so many photos of my kids playing and of our trips to Fenway. I have no idea what else is on tv for the entire baseball season as I'm surely watching a game. Love your images and we, too, play generational wiffle ball.

alicia said...

This is a fabulous sign of spring. And great action shots.

Ashley Sisk said...

Of course - Spring definitely is all about ball games. Love the pairing.

Nacho said...

Oh, I don't have such great childhood memories of Spring Time (for me it was all the same since I grew up in a tropical island and did not pay too much attention to the details), but your image at the top here is just awesome. I love the detail, the wonderful photojournalistic approach, the peak moment. Just wonderful!

Anna said...

Great shot with three generations of family fun! Love the moments that photography can capture :)

Kirstin said...

That must have been such a lovely game to watch, with all the family playing. Love the pairing.

April said...

What a fun tradition... oh and I LOVE the red hair :)

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