Sunday, March 13, 2011

snowy shadows

I chuckled when muse Tammy put up her sandy shadow pictures a few days ago... I am really, REALLY, jealous seeing as we have had a least a foot of frozen snow on the ground all winter.  *sigh*  so until I can visit Tammy in Florida, we are going to make the best of things here in frozen New York.  Playing in the snow, and dancing with our shadows like the beautiful picture below by celledon.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!
April of April Newman Photography

Shadow Dancing
shadow dancing by celledon


Kat Sloma said...

Snow or sand, I don't have either! I love both of these images. They have such a wonderful feel of childhood play. Nicely done April!

Anna said...

April, I can relate to your snowy, shadow shot. Charming captures - both!

nprimopiano said...

Very beautiful shots along with all the others in your blog.

Michelle Sheldon said...

Thank you so much for choosing to show my photo, April! I'm honored. :)

blue elephant photography said...

very cool shadow portraits!

Kirstin said...

What a contrast between sand and snow! And such beautiful shadow portraits!

maureen said...

oh, what fun both of these photos are. I love the feel of play that was captured in each.
And not the easiest thing to capture with young children. :)

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