Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I like shadows for many different reasons. I come across them while being outside, looking for new treasures or long found loves.
Shadows add a something special to each picture, it highlights the surroundings, even on a face.

I love //JUAN TOME//'s picture very much, for it's very many shadowy regions, which makes this picture very interesting too look at.

see you in 9 days,
Suki of sukiphotographyblog

Into The Light.......Out Of The Dark
Into The Light.......Out Of The Dark by //JUAN TOME//


Kat Sloma said...

Lovely self portrait Suki! I also love the shadow on those stones. Such wonderful contrast in textures.

Kirstin said...

Oh Suki, those shadows are wonderful! I love your self portraits and that picture below is beautiful.

windrock studio said...

I really appreciate the differences in these two shots. The clear, open, straight on gaze of the first, the far away moodiness of the other.
Both are just wonderful!

Anna said...

Beautiful selfie! Sunlight and shadow patterns in Juan Tome's shot is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

The second shot is just AMAZING!!! I love the long shadow, and the empty street! great capture!

April said...

both pictures are stunning!

Jamie said...

Simply stunning!

Oliag said...

These two photos compliment each other very well...each has such a unique use of shadows....gorgeous photos both!

Holly said...

wonderful take on the subject!!! that selfie is divine and love the deep contrast in your pairing : )

blue elephant photography said...

beautiful photos! love them!

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