Friday, January 28, 2011

the next theme is... EVIDENCE OF LOVE

Love. [Day 14 of 30 and 74 of 365]
Love  by

Love is the poetry of the senses.
 ~Honoré de Balzac
294/365 Stand by your man
Stand by your man by *emeraldgirl*

With Valentine's Day approaching, there is no better way to celebrate
the holiday than with some musing on LOVE.
We are looking for those moments in everyday life that show love in the world. 
It may be as jubilant as a jump for joy, as simple as a smile or a hug,
 or a hidden message that presents itself when you need it most.

The heart of Mt. Vernon
The heart of Mt. Vernon by Rachel Whitney

Make sure to visit with us tomorrow. I will start musing on Applied Textures.  We look forward to seeing your lovely photos in the flickr pool.

Until then. Stay sweet. tammy lee of bliss and folly


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! I just love Love. Love. Love. LOVE!

me again said...

LOVE the theme of "love"

Chelsea said...

Oh this is right up my alley!!! Good one :)

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