Tuesday, January 4, 2011

mono macro

365 - Farewell.

I really kind of developed a love for mono macro shots. 
How can one single colour be so incredible tempting?!
One colour in a picture can make you want to delve deeper, get to know the surroundings
even when only a little bit of it is shown.
They make me want to know the story of the picture.
Just like the featured picture by joy rebel photo below.
It makes me want to dig deeper into it's surroundings.
How about you? Do you like the stories and how they affect a certain framing of a picture?
Let me know in the comments section today.

See you in 9 days.

may god's love be with you
may god's love be with you by job rebel photo


blue elephant photography said...

both these photos are pretty! i do love monochromatic colors =) and it does tell a story and set a mood =)

Jamie said...

So peaceful and serene!

Oliag said...

How different the sky can be portrayed! Each tells its own story...

Anna said...

Monochromatic color schemes can present very enchanting stories. Great captures!

Brandi Reynolds said...

totally agree...I want to dive into the photos and explore!

thank you so much for choosing my photo!

Kirstin said...

Such beautiful colours in both, Suki!

mae said...

really beautiful and striking photos. i love the moodiness of the top shot and the unusual crop of the bottom shot. really gorgeous!

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