Thursday, December 23, 2010

and the new theme is... monochromatic color

If you think of black and white or sepia when you hear the word monochromatic, think again. We're talking color. Bright, deep, delicate... it doesn't matter. Monochromatic just means "having or consisting of one color or hue."

Share your monochromatic color images with us in the Mortal Muses flickr pool. Blue, red, purple... give us what you've got. You can throw a neutral white or black element in there too, if you need to. Then join us as we ring in the new year celebrating your monochromatic images - in all the colors of the rainbow.

See you soon! 

PS - Be sure to continue to come here and participate, as we head into the second half of 9 Muses Musing! We have a lot more fun in store for you over the next nine days. You can keep putting your photos with a holiday theme in our Everyday Beauty Flickr pool, they just might get featured!


Jamie said...

What a fun new theme.

Anika said...

Great way to bring in the new year!

blue elephant photography said...

oooh i love the ocean photo! i'm looking forward to these rainbow of colors

Jan said...

ha! I was confused for a minute, wondering if we were done with the Holidays :)

Fun theme!

Maite said...

Hi! Just wondering where this shot was taken. It reminds me of the Canary Islands, where I'm from.

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