Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9 muses musing - FAMILY

Save Some for Santa
Saving Some for Santa by Suzie q

Christmas is such a lovely time for families. We join together to sing, to eat, to enjoy one another's company. And there's all those lovely festive traditions too.

Suzie q's picture shows a cheeky side to making the biscuits for Santa. I love that little hand reaching in to take one; it's such an sweet point of view. But will there be any left before Santa gets here?

My giveaway item is one of Jaime's gorgeous necklaces.
Link in or add a comment for a chance to win the necklace of your choice from her etsy site.

If you were a camera what would you be?

I look forward to seeing your submissions for the prompt: FAMILY.
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Your creative holiday prompt for tomorrow is: CANDLE.
Merry, Merry Everyone!



gina said...

I love this time of year because we have more opportunities to spend time with family. I don't usually blog about my family, but I had to tell you about two special little people.

Brooke said...

Loving the picture! I love this time of year and all the family time we get and seeing those we don't get to see often!

Clare B said...

Living on the otherside of the world to my family can make this time of year extra poignant - lots of memories of times spent together and dreams of spending more Christmases together.

Anonymous said...

this is great! Those cookies look delicious!

Anonymous said...

great perspective on that cookie snatcher :)
love, love Jaime's pendants!!

Joanna said...

What a classic photo this is. Family is indeed what makes this time of year so special.

Mistiza said...

I love the picture my boys are always snatching cookies:)

urban muser said...

i love this photo!

Jamie said...

Beautiful photo

Arin S said...

Lovely photo! And I love those necklaces :)

Holly { Soupatraveler } said...

what an amazing group of pictures today!!! I am really enjoying all the fun. No time for a family shot, so just a comment today, but already looking forward to tomorrow's post!

Jan said...

I didn't join in today but I sure am enjoying everybody's shots!

Unknown said...

That cookie snatcher sure is a cutie!
I had a lovely evening with my favorite fellas.
It was my birthday, in fact.
Happy Solstice!

Megan Belcher said...

I forgot to post yesterday, but here's mine about FAMILY ~ http://megula.blogspot.com/2010/12/family-mortal-muses.html

Great job, everyone!

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