Tuesday, December 14, 2010

9 muses musing: ARE YOU READY TO PLAY?

1. Happy Cliche Saturday BAM: picture of a picture being taken... [17:52; 98:365], 2. Candy Cane Magic, 3. 340:365 Meowy Christmas, 4. christmas spirit, 5. Introducing......Pongo, 6. snark in a cup 345/365, 7. :), 8. Connection, 9. tiny, 10. "Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.", 11. Can't forget the Christmas tree bokeh!, 12. Snowing in Athens, 13. Kaycee's note to Santa...

18 Days of Holiday Prompts and Daily Giveaways
December 15th - January 1st

Thank you for spending the season with us. For the next 18 days, we will be featuring one photo from the flickr pool and announcing a special Holiday Prompt Word on the website as your DAILY photo assignment. Please continue sharing HOLIDAY photos in the Mortal Muses flickr pool. Make sure to take some time each day to spread some comment love and holiday cheer with your fellow musers.

Use the prompt to get creative. Think outside the box. On your personal blogs or on flickr, we encourage you to add another medium such as journaling, poetry, or haiku. What does the daily prompt word mean to you and your families? Does it evoke special childhood memories? Does it make you want to start new traditions? 

We will be adding a Linky with each prompt so you may share your photos and musings with us. Each day, the Linky will stay open until the next prompt is announced. And we will be randomly selecting one lucky person as the winner of that day's giveaway gift from ALL the comments and linkups for that day.

Your creative holiday prompt for tomorrow is... GIVING!

The linky will open at 1:00 am!

Happy Holidays!

Tammy Lee, Kat, Suki, Mosey, Lucy, Maureen, Kirstin, April, and Christy


Jillsy Girl said...

sounds like fun!

maureen said...

love this mosaic, such wonderful holiday images, can't wait for the holiday fun!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Oh ~ It does sound like fun!

blue elephant photography said...

i love christmas photos! always bright and happy and fun!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

What great holiday images! I love that doggie, what a face.

Jan said...

Ready!!! :D
(kind of ... hehehee)

Karen said...

Oh how exciting! I love he holidays, just magical.

gina said...

Oh, what fun! A great way to celebrate the season.

Jamie said...

What fun - can't wait to see everyone's photos.

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