Tuesday, November 2, 2010

how i fell in love with night photography

Night photography

A few days ago as I wandered through the streets of my new found hometown I fell in love with night photography. It was challenging to me to get just the right shot. I walked away with a lot of underexposed, blurred, fuzzy images. But there were a few that I liked. Not for the clarity but for the feeling it evoked in me. The peacefulness of a early winter evening. 

I chose michelle | une-deux senses's picture because I liked the sparkliness of the city. It reminded me of a never sleeping city where everything is possible. And maybe there is always a little light waiting for you out there.

Be kind to yourself. See you in 9 days, my friends :)

Suki of sukiphotographyblog

NYC by michelle | une-deux senses


blue elephant photography said...

i love how there is indeed a light waiting for one out there on the photo. beautiful post suki and love both photos :)

urban muser said...


michel said...

I love how your lights are bright white. ours have a yellow tinge I'm not fond off. perhaps the main reason I don't only like b&w night shots in the city. that nyc shot is fantastic! wow

Jan said...


Kat Sloma said...

I love that - "a little light waiting out there for you" - perfect!

April said...

both pictures are beautiful, both pictures are very peaceful!

Kirstin Mckee said...

I love your vision of the night, Suki. Those lights calling to you....

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